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Characterization of electromagnetic properties of metamaterials: ECONAM project activity review

This special session was organized and chaired by Alexey Vinogradov, ITAE at the conference META'10, International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic crystals and Plasmonics, Cairo, 22-25.02.2010.
The session was introduced by a keynote presentation by A. Vinogradov (ITAE) entitled "Homogenization of metamaterials: bulk properties and boundary conditions". In this talk the pitfalls of different approaches of introduction of effective constitutive parameters were considered. Today we encounter a situation that remembers one in the beginning of the twenty century. It was the time of a crisis of classical mechanics, which finished with creation of relativistic theory and quantum mechanics. Now we go through the crisis of classical electrodynamics of condensed matter developed by Maxwell, Heaviside and Lorentz. Indeed, as in the beginning of twenty century we observe an increase of experimental results that can hardly be treated with existent theories.

Here is the list of other papers presented at the session:
Yu. E. Lozovik (ITAE), Electromagnetic characterization of graphene and graphene based nanostructures - Invited
A. G. Schuchinsky (QUB), A. Vallecchi, A.P. Shitvov and F. Capolino, Resonance transmittance in metamaterials made of stacked arrays of dogbone shaped conductor pairs - Invited
S. Larouche and D. R. Smith, Quantifying the nonlinear susceptibility of metamaterials
D. Mogilevtsev, F. A. Pinheiro, R. R. dos Santos, S. B. Cavalcanti and L. E. Oliveira, Anderson localization in disordered dispersive metamaterials
M. H. Belyamoun, A. Bossavit and S. Zouhdi, Frequency-dependent homogenization of split-ring arrays
R. Kotynski, T. Stefaniuk, A. Pastuszczak, Sub-wavelength diffraction-free imaging in low-loss metal-dielectric multilayers

In addition, the following participants of ECONAM delivered keynote talks at this conference: A. Sihvola (Aalto), C. Soukoulis (FORTH), S. Tretyakov (VI), M. Wegener (KIT). Several partners delivered invited talks, including N. Johnson (U Glasgow). Furthermore, several partners served in the International Advisory Committee of this event.

List of regular presentations as well as other details about the event can be found at http://meta10.lgep.supelec.fr.