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Expert Consultative Group on the theory and modelling of electromagnetic characterization of nanostructured materials (EMNSM)


This WP objective is to disseminate the state of the art and identify future research directions on the theoretical and modelling aspects of the electromagnetic characterization of nanostructured composite materials in the optical frequency range using analytical and numerical methods..


Expert Consultative Group on the measurement techniques and standards for EMNSM


This group has the following objectives:
- Prepare and publish a detailed critical overview of available measurement techniques and their specifications.
- Gather and coordinate best practices in NSM measurements in Europe.
- Develop unified specifications for the phenomenological electromagnetic parameters of nanostructured materials (in co-operation with WP1).
- Establish test procedures for metrology of the specified parameters and characteristics of nanostructured electromagnetic materials;
- Specify software for post-processing the measurement data and extracting the electromagnetic parameters of nanostructured materials.
The next level will be the definition of a common data format and application of data analysis tools to the common data format and the extraction of the specified material parameters via procedures defined in WP1.


Access to measurement facilities, computational tools and data banks


This work package will organize access for SME and other interested organisations in Europe to
FP7-NMP-2007-CSA-1 CONFIDENTIAL Project number: 218696 “ECONAM”
the existing measurement, computational and data resources at the public laboratories of the project beneficiaries. Also it will facilitate access to other European


Dissemination, education, and training

Roma Tre

The dissemination activites are targeted towards: a) researchers in electromagnetic and material science; b) industries and SMEs; c) general public.
- Provide researchers and developers with comprehensive, systemized information on the existing EM characterization techniques and state-of-the-art updates on the new achievements in this area.
- Coordinate education process, popularise and promote the latest research results for industrial exploitation.
- Provide general public with information on the NSM safety.
- Deliver recommendations by the expert groups from WP1 and WP2 on the design of intrinsically-safe NSM to the manufacturers and developers.
- Deliver systemized information on existing facilities and access rules developed by WP3


Information and communication support for research and dissemination


- Provide web-based information and communication support for the work of all other work packages.
- Provide access to and storage of relevant information on NSM for the general public.



TKK and VI

Oversee the execution of the work program and organize information flow.
- Monitor all activities and continuous updating of all plans. Ensure that the contractual procedures are carried out effectively and correctly.
- Evaluate the results of the project activities by all the beneficiaries and the progress towards project objectives. Regularly update the work program and the Contract.
- Organize reporting to the European Commission.