Detailed information on the panel and special sessions, Metamaterials'2008 Print E-mail

A panel discussion on Theoretical Issues and Practical Aspects of Metamaterial Characterisation

was organized within the scope of the 2nd International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics, Pamplona, Spain , September 21-26, 2008. The event was set up in cooperation with the Congress organizers and ECONAM participants.

Sergei Tretyakov, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Allan Boardman, University of Salford, UK
Ricardo Marques, University of Seville, Spain
Stefan Linden, Karlsruhe University, Germany
Yang Hao, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Raj Mittra, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Alex Schuchinsky, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

The session addressed the three main themes:
1. Effective Parameter Definitions & Physical Meaning
2. Parameter Measurements, Extraction & Interpretation
3. Applications to Antennas, Scattering, Imaging and Cloaking Devices

In preparation to the discussion, we had a forum discussion set up at the Congress web site, where everyone was encouraged to provide comments that would help shed light on the issues raised by other participants and share experiences. Comments and replies within this pre-discussion can be found here.


S. Tretyakov: Effective parameter definition and physical meaning; Applications to devices
S. Linden, A. D. Boardman, A. Schuchinsky: Parameter Measurements, Extraction and Interpretation
R. Marques: Effective Parameters
S. Linden: Parameter Measurements, Extraction & Interpretation: Photonic Metamaterials
Y. Hao: Effective Parameter Definitions & Physical Meanings
R. Mittra: Challenging the Popular Notions of Metamaterial characteristics in the Microwave Frequency Regime
A.G. Schuchinsky, A.D. Boardman: Theoretical Issues and Practical Aspects of Metamaterial Characterisation: Parameter Measurements, Extraction & Interpretation


Also a speccial special session "Homogenization and Effective Medium Modelling" was organised at this congress:

Five reports on electromagnetic characterization of nanostructured materials beyond this special session were presented:

1. Effective Media at Terahertz Frequencies

2. Effective parameters, pass-bands and backward waves in bianisotropic metamaterials under removal of chirality

3. Investigating the Permittivity of Three-Dimensional Metal Particles Embedded in a Dielectric Medium with Random Distributions

4. The dispersion relation in optical metamaterials-from thin film to bulk

5. Toward isotropic optical magnetism without strong spatial dispersion