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Overview of the state-of-the-art and most promising analytical and numerical characterization techniques for nanostructured materials


This report contains the most comprehensive information on the techniques. It has the content below.

This report is recomended for reading after studing the section "For Beginners" on this website.


1 Introduction 

1.1 Nanostructured electromagnetic materials and metamaterials 

1.2 Electromagnetic waves in materials

1.3 Why do we need effective material parameters?

2 Some important concepts of the electromagnetics of materials

2.1 Continuous and effectively continuous magneto-dielectric materials

2.2 Conducting, diamagnetic and paramagnetic materials

2.3 Anisotropic and bianisotropic media

2.4 Reciprocity and non-reciprocity

2.5 Piezoelectric and magnonic materials

2.6 Effectively continuous surface materials

2.7 Band-gap structures (photonic crystals)

2.8 Resonant and non-resonant materials

2.9 Quasi-static limit

3 Classification of nanostructured materials

4 Introduction to electromagnetic characterization of complex nanostructured materials

4.1 Preliminary notes 

4.2 Locality requirement for effectively continuous media

4.3 Direct and inverse (retrieval) homogenization approaches

4.4 Retrieval of material parameters for bulk nanostructures with non-resonant constitutive elements

4.5 RT-retrieval method (Nicholson-Ross-Weir method)

4.6 Are the retrieved effective material parameters of nanostructured materials always representative of their characteristic parameters?

5 State-of-the art of the retrieval of material parameters for metamaterials in 2008-2009 years

5.1 Five procedures for theoretical electromagnetic characterization of metamaterials

5.2 Discussion of Procedure 1: NRW retrieval for metamaterials

5.3 Discussion of Procedure 2: Characterization of MTM by local material parameters

5.4 Discussion of Procedure 3: Flux-averaging homogenization

5.5 Discussion of Procedure 4: The non-local homogenization for MTM with weak spatial dispersion

5.6 Discussion of Procedure 5: The combination of bulk and surface homogenization models

5.7 Conclusions from the discussions

6 A breakthrough in the electromagnetic characterization of nanostructured materials is hopefully coming 

6.1 Bulk nanostructured metamaterials. State-of-the-art in 2010

6.2 Surface nanostructured metamaterials. State-of-the-art in 2010


This file contains a full set of the recent project materials.