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To save time and be understood by the measurement laboratories personnel we recommend to

1. Fill in the questionnaire below.
2. Submit the table to the facilities owners via the addresses of the selected by you laboratories presented on the website.
3. Use the DESCA templates to draft a contract (if a formal contract is necessary).
4. Verify the contract with your lawyers and sign it.

Questionnaire for the customers who would like to use the facilities listed in our database

1. Institution and responsible persons

Institution name:
Main responsible person (name, affiliation, address, contact details):
For technical questions (name, affiliation, address, contact details):
For legal support (name, affiliation, address, contact details):

2. What is the material you want to study

Motivations (why your samples are scientifically or practically interesting – keep in mind the research profile of the center which you address):
Shape of your samples (slab, powder, surface, bulk material, etc.):
Dimensions the samples available:
Physical properties already known to you:
Amount of samples available, number and total weight:
Chemical properties of the material:
Frequency range of interest:
Need to study its internal structure (if no such information is available already):

If your materials has some periodicity in its internal structure, how strict it is?:
Effective parameters you want to know like permeability and permittivity:
Do you already have some parameters values in mind and you need to verify them?:
What is the precision needed for measurements?:

3. Is this material known to you as having any danger for health?

4. What is the time frame and deadlines you have in mind for this study?

5. Possible conditions for application of the material (approximately)?
E.g. it will be used as substrate, in layered structure, as a device core, a device wall, body of an antenna or transmission line, absorber, in a sensor, etc.

6. Has the material or related device been patented already?

7. What pre-existing IPR and any foreground you would mention in the contract (in short)?

8. What kind of complementary facilities and tools you can offer from your side for this study like
- Spectrometers:|R,T| at fixed ω(Fourier –instant. |R(ω),T(ω)|) - Ellipsometers: polarisation ellipse (VASE –also |R, T|) - Interferometers: phase(R,T) - Radio and microwave ranges: network analyser - Radiation sources: laser (multi-F, tunable, pulse), emitter + high-Q-filters, - Special microscopes (SEM, TEM, AFM, SNOM, etc): internal geometry - Other: chemical analysis tools

9. What kind of man-power you can invest from your side for this study?

10. Is it a non-for-profit study, academic study and targets open publishing?

11. Is this a commercial project? Do you want to mention any company names here?
Which options from the DESCA agreements in IPR you want to use:
o Option 1 provides for "fair and reasonable conditions"
o Option 2 provides for "royalty-free access"
See more at

12. Is there any risk foreseen that this work results will be used by your institution unethically?

14. What kind of level of responsibility is required from the contracting laboratory for the study results:
E.g. the current study of the parameters is
- to check feasibility for the materials properties or
- to target standardisation of the company production or
- to use in the devices and systems that are under some strict regulation like medical equipment?

15. How do you see the possible share of the IPR in this study?
E.g. you can offer joint publication, grant application, patent, profit share, etc.?

16. Do you want to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

17. To whom this information should be limited during the study period?

18. What would be responsibility of the facilities owners in case of loss or damage of your material samples? Please, estimate compensation amount in this case.

19. Anything else you want to communicate to the facilities owners?13. Is there any risk foreseen that this work results will be used by your institution in military production?

Please, answer these questions and send them to the facilities owners listed here and choosed by you.