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To access the listed above equipment you should contact the laboratories and agree with them all conditions. The laboratories profiles contain also the information on the general principles to access the equipment by the external users.

We sugest the potential users to consider the EC recommended contract templates for cooperation between institutions in Europe.

This templates can be found at EU FP7 DESCA website: :

"...DESCA* is a comprehensive, modular consortium agreement for the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Initiated by key FP7 stakeholder groups, and co-developed with the FP community, it offers a reliable frame of reference which seeks to balance the interests of all of the main participant categories in FP research projects: large and small firms, universities, public research institutes and RTOs..."


DESCA aims to be user-friendly. To this end, the standard DESCA texts focus on a “mainstream” project and do not attempt to take account of all alternatives for a given situation. Moreover, the DESCA wording aims to be accessible and easy to understand for both lawyers and scientists.


Having chosen the DESCA example which best corresponds to your type of project, it remains to fine-tune the text to the specific needs of your project and consortium.

Remember that fine-tuning may require careful consideration of critical issues and that you may need to refer to the policy of your organization. You may wish to seek expert advice on certain matters."


Before you go to the facilities owners