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1. Laboratory:  JENA

Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Center for Innovation Competence
Institute of Applied Physics
Max-Wien-Platz 1
07737 Jena

2. Contact point:

Name: Prof. Dr. Thomas Pertsch
Position: Head of Nano-Optics
Email: thomas.pertsch"you know what"
Tel.: +49 (0)3641 9 47 840
Fax.: +49 (0)3641 9 47 841

3. Access rules:

Facilities availability for external users:

Access is permitted if there is a common scientific interest in the investigated subject.

Expenses reimbursement type:

Cost can be shared if there is a common scientific interest in the investigated subject. 

Rules on cooperation:

Please get in contact with us (see contact address above) in case of a specific request.


 4. Equipment


8I1. - Zygo Plane Wave Interferometer, 12” sample diameter
8I2. - MicroMap Interference Optical Surface Profiler, (Mirau-Type)    
8I3. - Custom white light interferometer for phase resolved transmission and reflection coefficient measurement, optical (VIS-NIR), sample size in the range of mm2


8S1. - Lambda 19   
8S2.- Lambda 950


8M1. - Hitatchi 8100 SEM, up to 8” sample diameter
8M2. - Zeiss Dual Beam SEM/FIB, up to 9” sample size
8M3. - Different optical Microscopes, up to 12” sample size
8M4. - Large Range AFM, up to 12” sample size

Radiation sources      

8R1. - Different laser sources, 405nm … 1.55µm
8R2.- Different LEDs, VIS
8R3. - Tunable fs- and ps- lasers, NIR
8R4. - Tunable diode lasers, NIR
8R5. - Cw-lasers, VIS-NIR (TiSa)


8O1.- SNOM, fiber tip SNOM


6. Expertise


Characterization of homogeneity of periodic structures.


Characterization of reflection and transmission spectra of samples in the VIS/NIR spectral region, with phase measurement.


Geometry characterization of optical micro- and nano-structures by optical microscopy, SNOM, SEM, and AFM. 


Table: Expertise by material type and sample geometry combinations:

Materials types
Complex shape object Bulk samples or bars
Substrate layer(s) on substrate



Thin films

Isotropic materials
optical, R,T,P,A
       optical, R,T,P,A    
Photonic crystals  optical, R,T,P,A        optical, R,T,P,A    
 optical, R,T,P,A        optical, R,T,P,A    
Mesoscopic samples    optical, R,T          optical, R,T    
Bianisotropic  optical, R,T,P         optical, R,T,P    
inversion symmetrical
 optical, R,T,P         optical, R,T,P    
Active materials              
Controllable materials              
Diffraction gratings              
Scattering media              

Notation used here:

Frequency range: MHz, GHz, THz or optical
R - reflection coefficient amplitude or intensity;
T - transmission coefficient  or intensity,
P - phase information;
A - reflection and transmission on many angles of incidence;
E - ellipsometry data;
D - ray velocity direction or distortion (do not mix, please, with isotropic refraction index characterization);
S - internal structure investigation with microscopy (nanoscopy);
Ch - chemical properties investigation (metal or dielectric etc.);
Chi(2)/Chi(3) of the material